Moscow, October 21-23, 2019
The theme of the Forum is “Digital Nation. Transfer to the intellectual economy. ”

The opening ceremony of the Forum was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Skolkovo Fund Viktor Vekselberg, Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kotyukov, Chairman of the Skolkovo Fund Arkady Dvorkovich.
Maxim Akimov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation: “As the Chairman of the Forum Organizing Committee, I wish all of us to find answers to very difficult questions worthy of our children. No one has ready answers to them, neither business, nor the state. How to combine growing data streams, customization and privacy? How to marry the comprehensive control and security of everyday human life? How do robotics and the flow of new competencies fit in with the new labor market model? These are difficult questions, but I believe that from year to year the degree of our approximation to the answers to them increases. ”
Victor Vekselberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Skolkovo Fund: The Open Innovations Forum breaks records every year. At the moment, more than 11 thousand participants have already registered. Among them are representatives of more than 90 countries. This suggests that our desires to be open all the time, to support cooperation formats with our partners around the world, are working. They trust us, work with us, and this is very important. We have ensured that the Forum venue has become a technological innovative hub for collaboration in the global economy. ”
The three-day program of “Open Innovations” includes over 150 sessions, which will be attended by more than 600 speakers - representatives of science, business, and government. The Forum's exhibition exposition features over 160 high-tech solutions created by Russian startups with the support of development institutions.
The co-organizers of the Forum are the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Government of Moscow, the Skolkovo Fund, the Russian Venture Company, the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, the Innovation Promotion Fund, the State Development Corporation VEB.RF.
ANO "Skolkovo Forum" is a subsidiary of the Skolkovo Foundation, specializing in organizing and conducting technological events. The Skolkovo Forum portfolio includes program development, organization and holding of events such as the Startup Tour Open Innovations - an all-Russian project to search for promising technological projects, the annual Open Innovations Forum, which is a unique discussion platform for participants in the innovation ecosystem, Startup Village - The largest start-up conference in Russia and the CIS countries for technology entrepreneurs.

In recent years, the global economy has seen explosive growth of unicorn companies in high-tech fields. The total cost of 326 unicorns in the world reached $ 1.1 trillion. More and more countries are considering such companies as new economic growth points. Today, Russian startups are trying to quickly and efficiently build expanded ecosystems in order to take a leading position in the market, including in the development of new technologies and the creation of new business models. To become a “unicorn,” the company must offer the market a completely new product or service, as well as seriously upgrade existing ones, have a scalable monetization model and a massive B2C market, while relying on global experience. How to attract a future unicorn? How to stimulate the appearance of "gazelles" and "unicorns" in the Russian market? What successful practices of global companies can serve as an example for growing startups? What can unicorn companies teach?

Panel Session Speakers

Alexander Galitsky, Almaz Capital, Managing Partner

Yuri Koropachinsky, OCSiAl, President

Dan Medovnikov, Higher School of Economics, Director of the Institute for Innovation Management

James Monzies, JUUL Labs, Founder, Product Director

Changpeng Zhao, Binance, CEO

Martin Chiupa, MindMaze, CAIO

Anatoly Chubais, RUSNANO Management Company, Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, Chairman of the Management Board

Around the world, the field of knowledge-intensive industries is growing at a faster pace. The share of intangible assets related to intellectual property in the capitalization of leading national and multinational companies increases many times and often exceeds the value of their own tangible assets. This is becoming an important competitive advantage. But at the same time, there is a need for a correct and transparent assessment of this asset for the entire market.

Some issues become a stumbling block in business negotiations:

Technologies and principles of intellectual property valuation
What affects the value of property rights
The specifics of the valuation of intellectual property
Accounting and tax issues on working with intangible assets. Inventory procedure

Panel Session Speakers

Marina Amelina, Baring Vostok Capital Partners Group, Director of Government Relations

Igor Vdovin, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), Chairman of the Committee on Investment Policy, Development Institutions and Export Support, Vice President, Member of the Management Board

Andrey Krichevsky, IPChain, Association President

Sergey Sarayev, Ernst & Young, Partner

Alexander Sukhotin, CO-FI, Chairman of the Board of Directors, crowdfunding platform

Elena Shulgina, Sitronics, Vice President, Strategy

Sergey Matveev, Intellectual Property Federation, President of the Federation


Meet the innovators on Digital Russia
Alexey Rodin, Financial Advisor

The well-known presenter of the channel Digital Russia, Mr. Sergey Abramovich Abrosimov, gives short interviews on relevant topics from Russian entrepreneurs who have linked their professional activities with the world of innovative technologies and are developing their business in various sectors of the economy.
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Before we talk about the importance of financial literacy, we need to understand what it means. Financial literacy can be considered as the presence of knowledge that does not allow you to fall for the bait of financial scammers, as well as the ability to use financial instruments to generate income and preserve existing funds.
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Sergey Spiridonov, RAMS Portal
Marat Fairouschin, SACM, Singapore

The main project of the “RAMS Portal” is a medical-digital system of self-government by individual human capital. The project is a simulation of an individual’s life path together with a personal doctor using the capabilities of artificial intelligence to ensure full physical, mental (psychological) and social (professional) well-being, to increase human capital and the effectiveness of human life.
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The Singapore Academy of Corporate Management, an international business school that uses modern digital technologies and Internet services to provide corporate and private clients with modern and relevant educational products: long-term and short-term business education programs in various areas of managerial competence, among which company management, corporate governance, innovative technology, corporate branding, digital technology management and digital transformation.
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Natalya Khazova, Pozhtekhnika
Alexey Sobolev, Agency R.I.M.

The Pozhtekhnika Group of Companies is a leading Russian manufacturer of integrated fire safety systems and fire automation systems for facilities of any complexity. The company has been producing automatic gas fire extinguishing systems for over 14 years. During this time, production of products with various gas extinguishing agents was mastered: Novek®1230 (FK-5-1-12), Hladon 227еа, Hladon 125, CO2. A smoke smoke aspiration detector was developed, manufactured and put into operation, and the production of a traditional thermal cable with confirmation of the operation temperature was localized. All equipment manufactured by the Company is certified in the system of the Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union.
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ROME. - One of the oldest and largest communication agencies in Russia, founded by Igor Pisarsky, one of the founding fathers of the communications market in Russia. Combining 25 years of experience and the latest developments, the agency successfully solves the tasks of both international companies and Russian private and state structures. Having grown up several generations of specialists and having realized more than 700 projects, R.I. continues to come up with new formats, introduce new technologies and actively influence the development of public relations and corporate communications in Russia.
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Vladimir Zhiltsov, NTSSU, European Commission
Alexander Korobov, BIORG, Skolkovo Technopark

The National Center for Certification of Managers, together with the current directors of Russian industrial enterprises and commercial organizations, developed a system of requirements for the professional skills of top executives of companies - executives and managers of senior management links. The result of the work was the creation of the first official professional managerial qualification standard in Russia, approved by the Professional Standards Commission of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and recognized in the European Union qualification system.
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Beorg is a leader in the Russian market for personal data processing. The staff of experienced specialists, our own innovative BESCAN and Beorg software: smart vision, the use of neural networks and a distributed system of remote operators allow us to process more than 5,000,000 documents every month. The company is a registered operator of personal data, has licenses of the FSTEC and the FSB. That is why we not only guarantee complete confidentiality and data protection, but also give a financial guarantee on the quality and timing of our work. Recently, Beorg is a focal company of the Skolkovo innovation center and is involved in research activities.
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Dmitry Shalonko, Movcross
Konstantin Lazarev, Top Manager

Movcross is developing and promoting a “smart T-shirt” that tracks the biometric and inertial indicators of the human body. Biometric indicators allow you to perfectly conduct electrocardiography, a technique for recording and studying the electric fields generated by the heart.
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He participated in an exchange program between young politicians in the USA and Russia. Alpina Publisher has published a book entitled “Profession - Assistant to the Leader. Aerobatics.” He gives master classes of the same name in Russian cities and abroad at the invitation of training agencies and companies. He is involved in political and psychological counseling. in the art series "A Short Course in a Happy Life".
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Alexey Demakov, VneshtorgClub, Investor
Sergey Bayov, Financial Director

Director for strategy and investment of the company "Russian Land": the purchase of real estate and land at the bankruptcy bidding, development, the creation of agricultural clusters. Business Development Director, Dolphins Aichi (among clients: Gazprom Logistics, FMS, Federal Tax Service, Social Insurance Fund, Ministry of Internal Affairs, PFR, Energosbyt, Morozov Hospital, Lenta, A5 pharmacies, Russian Post, Gett-Taxi. Supports orphans through charitable foundations. He is engaged in the development of the culture of children’s and family board games in Russia, and has extensive experience in organizing events: exhibitions, festivals, board games competitions for children and youth within the framework of Sportland, literary conventions, children's recreation camps, culture and leisure parks, Moscow of board games festival "Igrokon".
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Professor, Doctor of Science. DOCTOR OF SCIENCE, HONORIS CAUSA, “Honored Worker of Science and Education” of the RAE and the European Scientific and Industrial Consortium, Order “PrimusInterPares”, “Gold Medal for Innovative Work in Higher Education”, Ph.D., CFA, CIIA. At different times, VTB Bank’s vice president, representative in Russia of the international financial group MACQUARIE, and vice president of Alfabank. vice president and expert of the Association of Builders of Russia, expert of the Skolkovo Foundation. Investment management and prom. development at the Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Representative of the Federal Property Management Agency on the boards of directors. Coach for masters at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of Russia, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology named after Bauman, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosova, MGIMO.
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Zahid Gasimov, NeuroMech
Maria Berdnikova, GreenGen

NeuronMech is developing artificial intelligence-based software for neurocontrol. Universal software created using neural networks allows you to control any mechatronic system. Neurocontrol - controlling the device by the power of thought: the fastest way to determine if intent is to take action. Management is carried out in a split second. Directions of development software for neurocontrol based on artificial intelligence, neurocontrol of artificial limbs, neurocontrol of android robots, neurocontrol of games, Internet of things (IoT).
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GreenGen. DNA diagnostics of the health of natural lawns. Advantages of the Green Gene service: the company determines the presence of pathogenic microorganisms at the earliest stage of the disease. You get a margin of time and the opportunity to take effective measures to prevent the development and spread of the disease. Operational targeted tests allow you to monitor the condition of the lawn in real time and quickly make decisions on adjusting the lawn treatment mode. Timely and effective treatment of specific diseases of the lawn reduces the cost of maintaining the lawn and reduces the risks of replacing it.
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Yuri Dobrovolsky, Professor, Doctor
Gleb Roads, Beer Genomics

Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, Head of the Center for Competencies of NTI at the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Technologies of new and mobile energy sources”.
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Beer Genomics in two days analyzes the raw materials and the finished product at any stage of production and identifies all foreign microorganisms. When pathogens are detected, the brewer can determine the causes of contamination and improve the process.
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Vasily Gromyko, Locomotion Sensor
Nikolay Nagulin, Usontec

Locomotion Sensor is an inertial tracking system that allows tracking the orientation of objects in space with high accuracy and frequency. The Locomotion Sensor kit includes 15 wireless sensors, a receiver with a charging station and a system for attaching sensors to the human body.
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Yusontek company is doing a lot of work to develop a whole family of new generation telemedicine diagnostic devices that have no analogues in the Russian Federation. The introduction of these devices in the healthcare system will ensure: ease of installation and use by medical personnel of the middle level; remote monitoring of patients in real time 24/7; patient comfort during follow-up; accessibility and quality of medical care, especially in remote regions of the country; low cost of service due to the exclusion of unjustified hospital stay.
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Evgeny Filichkin, Habilekt
Maria Makarova, Gamma Global RD

A complex for the restoration of motor activity and coordination of limb movements with the assessment of functional capabilities using interactive programs for the clinic. A complex for a detailed study of the patient’s movements, with optical topography, recording a three-dimensional human model and video from several angles. The movement laboratory does not require specific knowledge and complex settings, as well as marks on the patient’s body. The complex of the patient. Home rehabilitation and self-study. Includes an augmented reality biofeedback system and game scripts to enhance motivation. The complex completely controls the patient’s activities and suggests the correct stereotypes of movements. All data on the patient’s activities are immediately sent to the doctor.
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A project to create an algorithm for calculating the risk of developing breast cancer recurrence (including the appearance of distant metastases) based on an analysis of the expression of 16-25 genes in tumor samples. The test system under development identifies the main genes responsible for the aggressive course of breast cancer, and calculates the risk of relapse using the original algorithm. The combination of these two functions will provide high predictive accuracy of the results obtained using the system. Development of a technology for predicting relapse and sensitivity to chemotherapy in cancer patients with breast cancer based on analysis of gene expression.
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Stanislav Muravyov, Techbionic
Lyubov Guryeva, Technopark of Yakutia

SmartLi prostheses use reliable and safe materials, such as medical plastics and elastomers. For the manufacture of fastening bases for adult prostheses, carbon fabrics are used, which reduces the total weight of the prosthesis and increases its strength. In addition, for the manufacture of critical prosthesis elements, the same alloys are used that are used in the aviation industry, carbon fabrics are used to manufacture frame elements of adult prostheses. All this makes the Smartli prosthesis lightweight and durable. Thanks to the modular design, the SmartLi prosthesis can be made for any case of amputation or malformation of the hand for both adults and schoolchildren.
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Technopark, as an object of the innovation infrastructure of the republic, is designed to provide a territorial concentration of financial and intellectual resources to accelerate the innovative development of economic sectors. Since its creation in 2012, the Yakutia Technopark has developed a full-fledged infrastructure that promotes the development of innovative entrepreneurship from an idea to a commercial result. The main activities of residents of the Yakutia technology park: Energy and resource conservation and energy efficiency; Biotechnology (agrobiotechnology and biomedical technology); Transport and transport infrastructure; Construction; Information Technology.
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Gevorg Malashenko, TechLab SACM, Singapore
Levon Gokchyan, Tada Team

The Scientific and Production Center Singapore Academy of Corporate Management is implementing a project that provides integration into a single cluster controlled by artificial intelligence, multifunctional systems in the field of finance, legal information, transport logistics, foreign trade and other relevant services based on the most advanced technological solutions. Global information platform: Search system: Geolocation of all companies and organizations of the world; Industry classifier for small, medium and large businesses; Logistic bridge technology between component manufacturers; International catalog of product specifications; System product price calculator with delivery anywhere in the world; Base of tax policies of states; The legislative framework of states; Ecological Map of the Business World.
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Everything that you are used to in regular messengers, but without distractions. Only working communication, where you can always quickly find the necessary information on the tasks. You will no longer write to your grandmother by mistake “Approve the presentation” and you will not lose correspondence with a colleague between the parent chat and messages from neighbors. Set a task in the chat? Perfectly. In tada, any message can be made a task in one click. Moreover, this task will also immediately become a chat, so that you can immediately discuss all the nuances. A task manager familiar to you with visualization in the form of a task board, but with an additional opportunity to turn any message into a task and discuss it here, and track its progress. Quick access to all working contacts and only to them. The ability to edit and delete messages, set up delayed sending and much more will allow your team to work more efficiently.
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Otto Schwartz, Visionary, Innovator, Philosopher
Vladimir Sorokovikov, Ostek-ETK

More than 10 years conducting research in the field of sound, the author of methods for transforming consciousness through sound. He studied sound therapy with masters of different traditions. Author of articles on sound therapy, including for the Yoga Journal. Member of the International Sound Therapy Association (SHA), co-author of the meditative music project Ephilion. Otto Schwartz’s workshop, which includes voluminous practical and theoretical layers accumulated over ten years of research and practical work with sound, interaction with scientists and training from masters of various spiritual traditions. The seminar will be useful for everyone who is connected with the world of art, music and sound, who is engaged in scientific development or vibrational medicine, who goes through self-improvement and cognition, is engaged in healing, and everyone who feels an internal response to attend the event.
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Ostek-ETK is a division of the Ostek Group of Companies, which specializes in the preparation and implementation of integrated solutions for the production of electrical products. The list of implemented projects of the company includes solutions for the electronic, electrical, aviation and automotive industries, production of “white” equipment and other related industries. Ostek-ETK has experience in implementing projects for the processing and labeling of wires and cables, the manufacture of wire harnesses, and the production of winding products of various sizes from small series to mass production. All proposed solutions are based, first of all, on the audit of the Client’s production and products and the tasks facing him, including development prospects.
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The annual Open Innovations forum has been held in Moscow since 2012 under the auspices of the Government of the Russian Federation and is considered to be a unique discussion platform among the participants in the formation of an innovative ecosystem. The main goal of the Forum is the development and commercialization of the latest technologies, the popularization of global technology brands and the creation of new tools for international cooperation in the field of innovation. The program includes plenary sessions and thematic sessions, an exhibition, educational events, seminars and master classes, innovative shows, business meetings and, of course, informal communication takes place among the Forum participants.

Audience and Purpose of Visit

Business: Search for partners from high-tech sectors, gaining knowledge about emerging markets and new models of company development, diversification of activities, support for cooperation with the innovation ecosystem and the state.

Investors: Exchange of experience with successful global funds, updating knowledge of breakthrough technology markets, expanding project pipeline and establishing links with large businesses.

Startups: An insight into the technologies of a new generation, an overview of the ecosystem’s capabilities and advanced tools to “take off” the company and increase sales, interaction with investors and large businesses.

Ecosystem of innovation: Exchange of experience and cases of "growing" entrepreneurs, globalization of startups, the mechanics of the global venture capital market, involvement in the international innovation and acceleration community.

Power: Identification of new needs in the field of innovative technologies, development of state programs to support innovation, stimulation and strengthening of innovative activities.

Science and education: New knowledge about breakthrough technologies, promising areas of research and the latest trends, access to discussion of business needs, translation of one’s own needs, overview of opportunities for commercializing ideas.

About the exhibition: The largest event in Russia, demonstrating the main trends and key Russian achievements in innovative sectors of the economy.

Interactivity of expositions: The total area of ​​the exhibition space: more than 8000 square meters Breaking the prevailing stereotype “successful exhibition - large areas”, but maintaining a favorable innovative atmosphere on the site, the Forum exhibition space presents new formats for demonstrating technological achievements, where the main criterion for organizing space is the concentration of technological solutions per square meter.

Top exhibits: state-of-the-art technologies and products - from ideas to mass production, with the potential to respond to the challenges of global transformation and become effective tools of the digital economy.