Moscow, Skolkovo, Hypercube, November 29, 2019

On November 29, the International Forum on Industrial Digitalization 2019 was held in the Hypercube building on the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The forum was organized by the Digital Economy Development Fund in cooperation with the Technological Development Agency with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The forum aims to bring together key players from industrial Russian companies, representatives of government bodies, domestic and foreign experts to discuss the implementation of the concept of the fourth industrial revolution in Russia.

Within the framework of the event, a business program, an interactive exhibition and a pitch session were implemented, at which startups-finalists of the RUSSIAN TOP DIGITAL STARTUP competition were presented.

The participants of the event discussed such issues as: creating a regulatory and regulatory environment, the use of digital technologies in industry, transforming the industrial economy through the Internet of Things, the strategy of digitalization of industrial production, the use of VR / AR technologies in production, and many others.

The international forum on industrial digitalization is held in support of the implementation of the departmental project of the digital industry transformation program presented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The emphasis in the project is on the adoption of norms and rules, the development of human resources, the development of platforms and support for the production of software and robotic systems.

According to the Chairman of the Board of the Council on the Development of Foreign Trade of the Russian Federation, Maxim Chereshnev, Russian digital technologies are at a high level of development, and such international forums allow you to demonstrate these technologies and make it possible to bring developments to the world, thereby gaining growth in exports and an increase in Russian companies' access to external arena.

“Our task is to assist Russian enterprises in introducing world-class technological solutions in order to achieve the competitiveness of domestic products,” said Sergey Zinchenko, general director of the Technological Development Agency, established by the Government of the Russian Federation in 2016.

“The new, but still very relevant topic of the digital transformation of society is the search for optimal solutions for the quickest, and as painless as possible transition of all areas of our activities to modern technologies,” says German Klimenko, head of the Fund’s board, chairman of the Information Development Council technologies and digital economy of the CCI of the RF - “Everything is extremely good with software, everything is good with programmers, technicians. We are now floundering in communications, if we can’t get into the industry in any way, then we won’t be able to digitalize it. And will industry itself be able to digitalize itself? I’m skeptical in this regard, due to the lack of personnel. ”

Six billion rubles in three years will be allocated by the state for the introduction of digital technologies in production. Officials, company executives and IT developers discussed the use of robots and artificial intelligence in industry, OTR reports. According to the participants in the meeting, China and the United States overtook Russia to introduce innovations in industry, so the state this year began to provide subsidies for modern technologies.

Mikhail Nosov, Deputy General Director of the Agency for Technological Development: “Up to 500 million if you are engaged in infrastructure reengineering, purchase computer equipment, introduce new modern digital technologies into production. For all this, the state issues a grant. If you build a digital economy on the basis of those digital solutions that have been used for many years, nothing good will come of it. There will definitely not be digital sovereignty. ”

In Russia, the national project “Digital Economy” is currently being implemented. If earlier the introduction of modern digital technologies in production was only a recommendation, now this is a requirement for industrial enterprises. The initiative of the Digital Economy Development Fund, whose task is to select and identify the best IT projects that are at the Seed stage and contribute to the digitalization of the state, business and society. Project Technologies: Artificial Intelligence; Machine learning; VR&AR; Blockchain; BIG DATA; Neurotechnology; Robotics; Sensory IoT; Wireless connection; 3D

Autonomous non-profit organization “Agency for Technological Development” was created in accordance with the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation. The agency was established to assist Russian enterprises in introducing world-class technological solutions in order to achieve the competitiveness of domestic products. The agency has all the necessary competencies: from technology search to the implementation of a finished project in the Russian market. Based on the experience of foreign companies, we offer Russian enterprises to switch to new production models. In today's rapidly changing environment, only companies capable of being flexible, applying new technologies, leaving only the necessary production can survive, and transfer the rest to outsourcing.
The Agency's task is to find international partners for technological modernization, to form and package the project, and to find the required financing together with the customer.

The agency cooperates with many countries, in particular, with South Korea, Japan, China, Germany, Italy, Israel. Today, the Agency’s portfolio has dozens of ready-made technological solutions in various industries. The agency is ready to solve any task to find technology and modernize production, and ultimately, increase the value of your company, increase its revenue and make the Russian market competitive.

The mission of the Agency is to increase the competitiveness and capital intensity of Russian industry by transferring the latest world technologies. Working with the Agency provides a number of advantages: A wide network of international contacts with business, business associations and development institutions. Developed relationships with international partners; Range of opportunities for state administrative customer support; The ability to attract project financing on more favorable terms; Full service cycle: from consulting to project support in the Russian market; fully customer-oriented service - linking the result with the KPI management agency.
The Agency for Technological Development has opened for its customers the doors of the “Technology Supermarket”, which brings together the best technological solutions from various industries. The purpose of the “Supermarket” is to help modernize Russian enterprises by informing about existing proven and effective technologies for their subsequent implementation in production. Currently, the Agency has collected several dozens of different technological solutions for production. After passing the test, all technologies will be published on the site of ANO "ATR". In Supermarket only ready-made technologies with experience in application are accepted. Placement of technology in the "Supermarket" is free. If you are interested in "Technology Supermarket" and you want to place your technology in it.
Russian engineering is one of the main directions of domestic industry. It accounts for about 20% of manufacturing in the country. In 19 large complex sub-sectors of engineering - from transport to electronic - more than 2 million people are employed. The country has about 90 thousand enterprises of various sizes, which annually ship finished products worth more than 6 trillion rubles. This sector of the economy ranks second in the structure of domestic exports, second only to minerals. Russia is stably among the ten largest countries producing engineering products.
However, to date, the sector has noticeably lagged Russian enterprises from leading foreign manufacturers. This is especially true for precision machining devices and mechanisms with high-tech program control. Another alarming fact is that the degree of depreciation of fixed assets in engineering is approaching 45%. New perspectives of the Russian machine-building complex are connected with the course on import substitution. The localization of technology, as opposed to the import of finished products from abroad, can create all the necessary conditions for the transition of the domestic industry to a qualitatively new level. Examples of projects in the industry implemented by the Asia-Pacific Region: Organization of production of a multilayer rigid film (search for technological solutions, assistance in organizing project financing); Technological modernization of the mass production of forged blanks for gun barrels of artillery weapons (technological expertise of the project, search for technological solutions); Development of a technological solution for thermomechanical processing of sheet metal with a thickness of up to 130 mm and the creation of a quenching press unit based on it (search for partners, assistance in financing).


Maria Borisova, SIU System
Oksana Trofimova, Rusatom - Digital Solutions
SIU System provides customers with comprehensive 3D printing services. The company's specialists accompany the client at all stages of the use of equipment, from the selection of optimal models to configuration and maintenance. Our customers will never have to solve problems with 3D printing devices alone. SIU System provides the following services: 3D printing with metals (aluminum, steel, titanium, cobalt-chrome), photopolymers (Accura 60, VisiJet Crystal, VisiJet StonePlast, VisiJet X), plastics (ABS, ultem, nylon, polycarbonate, full color printing ( gypsum), PMMA, polystyrene, polyamide, jewelry wax); Scanning, reverse engineering and modeling. Top-Plast - a full cycle of plastic production, mold manufacturing. SIU System is actively engaged in research and development.
In January 2019, the Atomenergoprom Board of Directors (part of Rosatom State Corporation) decided to create a new company, Rusatom-Digital Solutions. The prerequisites for creating a company related to digital solutions include Rosatom’s participation in the Digital Economy national project, digital transformation in Atomenergoprom itself, the start of which the company announced in its annual report for 2017, and Atomenergoprom’s interest in business diversification. In the annual report of Atomenergoprom there is a mention of the company's digital projects. It says that in addition to the digital transformation program, “promising projects related to supercomputers, additive technologies, and the life cycle management of complex engineering facilities” were launched.
Ekaterina Pasechnik, MSTU N.E. Bauman
Mikhail Nosov, ATD

How to build a career in the VUCA world? Now everyone recognizes that career planning should be approached consciously, especially if you have big ambitions. It is believed that, for example, a manager should know what position he wants to retire from and build his career strategy from it. But now the VUCA world has arrived. So many changes have occurred - in technology, processes, business - that it is difficult to predict what will happen in 7–12–20 years. How then to plan your career and is it worth it? Do I need a career plan? How much percent of the time (and money) do you spend on your future, and how much on trickle? What to develop in yourself in the future 3-5 years (so as not to waste money)? How to cope with so many changes and uncertainties if you are a manager? And also robotization, which began to replace not only physical labor, but also mental one. How to structure your competencies so that they are not eaten by robots?


Nosov Mikhail Yuryevich, Deputy General Director for Digital Technologies, coordinates issues and provides guidance on issues related to: the Agency’s interaction with organizations in the field of transfer, localization and commercialization of advanced (including “through”) digital technologies provided for by the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation Program ; supervising the project office of the Agency for the development and implementation of programs and documents of strategic planning in the field of digital transformation; approval of budgets, normative documents, technical specifications regarding the formation of a common architecture of digital services and work with data in order to maximize unification and ensure efficient digital transformation mainly based on domestic developments; Agency cybersecurity policy definitions; cross-functional interaction of structural units to fulfill the goals of digital transformation.